James Madison University


We are a community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to advancing the study and application of motivation theory.

We are guided by the following core objectives:

  • Providing training and research opportunities for JMU faculty and students, as well as with collaborators outside of JMU
  • Developing and evaluating assessment tools to measure motivation
  • Developing and evaluating interventions to improve motivation
  • Promoting statistical, measurement, and methodological rigor in motivation research
  • Studying motivation in a wide array of settings, including education, sport, work, and family life
  • Communicating findings to both the traditional academic community and the general public
  • Providing consultation/outreach services (e.g., working with JMU faculty and staff to assess student motivation and improve the motivational climate at JMU)
  • Sponsoring a website summarizing on-going activities, publications/presentations, and consultation/outreach services
  • Connecting motivation theory, research, and practice