James Madison University

Master’s Theses in Quantitative Psychology

Mary Johnston (2009). Measuring Basic Needs Satisfaction: Evaluating Previous Research and Conducting New Psychometric Evaluations of the Basic Needs Satisfaction Scale.

Carol Barry (2007). Can We Feel Confident in How We Measure College Confidence? A Psychometric Study of the College Self-Efficacy Inventory.

Pamela Kaliski (2006). Diagnosing the Misfit of the Theoretical Factor Structure of the Scales of Psychological Well-Being (SPWB): Development of the Revised SPWB.

Lisa Baranik (2005). An Evaluation of a 2 x 2 Model of Achievement Goals for a Work Domain.

S. Jeanne Horst (2004). A Measure of Social Goal Orientation Reconsidered: Examining Psychometric Properties.

BJ Miller (2004). Examining the Avoidance Subscales of the Achievement Goal Questionnaire.

Kara Owens (2003). The Relationship Between Achievement Goal Orientation and Item Difficulty Selection in a Self-Adapted Test.