James Madison University

Undergraduate Theses in Psychology

Donna Melchione (2010). Rethinking Measures of Expectancy-Value Theory.

Allison Brown (2008). Living the Good Life in College: A Multidimensional Approach to Measuring the Life Satisfaction of College Students.

Max Crowley (2008). The Role of Motivation in the Treatment of ADHD.

Kara Makara (2007). Linking Achievement Goal Theory to Adaptive Outcomes in an Undergraduate Major.

Jason Kain (2006). Linking College Students’ Adaptive and Maladaptive Behaviors to Achievement Goal Theory: The Qualitative Phase of an Exploratory Mixed-Method Design.

Carson Walker (2006). The Qualitative Phase of an Exploratory Mixed Method Investigation of College Classroom Climate.

Sarah Horsey (2005). Moving Beyond Predicting Academic Outcomes and Learning Strategies: The Impact of Achievement Goals on Middle School Students’ Psychological Well-Being.

Lindsay Barnett (2004). Motivational characteristics and academic functioning in adolescents diagnosed with ADHD.

Jennifer Thomas (2003). Optimal Achievement Goal Pursuit in an Athletic Environment.